Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Szafran our collegue from the Institute of Aviation takes part in the expedition „Siberia 2012” which set out from Warsaw last Friday, May the 4th. The journey is the newest project of famous polish traveler Marcin Gienieczka. This is not the first Gienieczkos journey when Krzysztof takes care of logistics matters. The originator of the project decided to face in his canoe with the highest-Lena River in Siberia. He has to deal with 4400 km from the source, which begins at Bajkal Mountains to the mouth, Laptiev Sea, the part of the Arctic Sea. Lena is the tenth of the longest rivers of the world!Details about the expedition can be found at http://www.gienieczko.pl/o_mnie/wyprawa_biezaca/index.htm Every Saturday by noon you can hear news about the journey in the “Color Radio”, read in zagle.com.pl or watch every Wednesday on TVP 1 in „Kawa czy herbata”. Official site dedicated to the expedition where you will be able to track the course of the expedition is: http://wyprawy-gienieczko.blogspot.com

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