The latest “Eureka” broadcast on Jedynka in Polish Radio, hosted the creators of the ILR-33 “Amber” rocket from the Institute of Aviation. The guests of the program were: professor Piotr Wolański (chairman of the Committee on Space Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences), Leszek Loroch, PhD Eng. (acting director of the Institute of Aviation) and Adam Okniński, M.Sc. Eng.  (head of the Space Technology Department).

The ILR-33 “Amber” rocket developed at the Institute of Aviation passed positive tests on the military field in Drawsko Pomorskie in October last year. Its creators emphasize that the rocket is an exceptional construction with a large commercialization potential. The technology of producing hydrogen peroxide 98% HTP-class developed at the Institute of Aviation is already used by the Polish company Jakus.

The Institute of Aviation scientists hope that the future rocket will not only be a technology demonstrator, but a product with a wide range of applications.

The entire program is available here.

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