During the realization of the CESAR Project (Cost-Effective Small AiRcraft) the WP2.4 Task – “Smart Structural Health Monitoring” has been finished.

The realization of this task consisted of:

  • the theoretical basis of the Idea of Continuous Fatigue Estimation of aircraft structures,
  • the identification of critical points of aircraft structure,
  • the elaboration and laboratory tests of Autonomous Loads and Fatigue Recorder (ALFR),
  • the ALFR recorder flight tests on the RC aerobatic model Jak 52,
  • the final flight tests on the PZL 126 Iskierka aircraft – in co-operation with PZL – Mielec A Sikorsky Aircraft Company,
  • two patent applications in preparation.

The Institute of Aviation was the SubTask leader of this task.
The extensive report of the WP2.4 Task of the CESAR Project has been prepared:

  • M. Debski, J. Kazmierski, D. Debski, A. Szot: Fatigue Analysis Tool – CESAR-IoA-D2.4.2-1/2007 , and publication:
  • M. Debski, J. Kazmierski, D. Debski: Idea of continuous loads and fatigue estimation of aircraft structures -autonomous loads and fatigue recorder – Czech Aerospace Proceedings 3/2009 ( http://www.vzlu.cz/cz/publikace/czech-aerospace-proceedings/rocnik-2009).

Main contractors:

  • Ph. D. Eng. Marek Debski – idea and algorithms of signal analysis,
  • Ph. D. Eng. Jan Kazmierski – software and hardware of ALFR recorders,
  • Ph. D. Eng. Daniel Debski (Warsaw University of Technology) – algorithms of signal analysis,
  • M.Sc. Edward Babiasz – casing of recorders,
  • Eng. Arkadiusz Kaczorowski – assembly,
  • M.Sc. Wlodzimierz Urbaniak – flight tests on RC aerobatic model,
  • M.Sc. Wieslaw Cena (PZL – Mielec) test pilot – flight tests on PZL 126 Iskierka aircraft.

Contact: Marek Debski, e-mail: dedal@ilot.edu.pl, fax: +48 22 846 44 32

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