30 000 guests visited the Institute of Aviation during the annual event which promotes aviation, space technologies and engineering jobs. This is an absolute attendance record throughout our series of the event!

The event “Night at the Institute of Aviation” attracted not only the attention of fans from Warsaw, but also from all Masovian voivodeship.The attendance record established this year shows that the event organized by the Institute of Aviation garners more and more interest among aviation enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that the event attracted not only individual guests, but also families, schools and other organized groups. Unique attractions for all of them waited!

The organizers spent two days preparing the premises of the Institute of Aviation for the incoming guests. The tents of the exhibitors were erected along the alleys and next to some buildings remarkable cars were parked, which cannot be found normally in the branded showrooms. Next to the entrance and in other places guests could come across futuristic robots and droids who guarded the Institute and kept a watchful eye on the visitors.

Guests entering the Institute were given colorful balloons and special bands branded with the “Night” logo. All gadgets were handed out by organizers, volunteers and Stasiek Błyskawica – our hero.

The real surprise for the youngest visitors, but not only, was the presence of the well-known characters who wore white-and-black suits – the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars, the Jawas, whose blazing eyes could scare everybody, and the X-Wing pilots. All of them willingly posed for photos, yet not forgeting to patrol the area of the Institute.

The “Ikar” hall was experiencing a real siege that evening – guests could see aviation films, listen to a popular science lecture about the heliosphere by prof. Romana Ratkiewicz –Landowska from the Institute of Aviation and meet pilots from the ” Żelazny” air acrobatic group, a pilot of the Polish National Team – Boleslaw Radomski and pilots from the PZL – Świdnik/Agusta Westland, who presented the unmanned helicopter SW-4 Solo RUAS / OPH . The meeting with General Miroslaw Hermaszewskiattracted a particular interest among all interested in space travel. Immediately after the lecture were held  aerial photography workshops, again in the series of such events, conducted by the undisputed authority in this field: Sławek ” Hesja Krajniewski.

For the first time the guests could visit the building of the Center of Innovative Aeronautical and Space Technologies. In the patio the Aeromusicals shows were held, visible from three floors.

In addition, during the event aerial photographic exhibitions by Sławek “Hesja” Krajniewski and Maciej Margas were displayed on individual floors. Guests of the Night could also take part in meetings with the authors of books published by the Scientific Publishers of the Instiute of Aviation, vote for a new name for the  unmanned plane “MOSUPS” or see the unique exhibition of Star Wars models prepared by Krzysztof Wilczyński. The Department of Remote Sensing of the Institute of Aviation, which is involved in research projects dedicated to aviation and cosmos prepared their attractions such as “space selfie”. Also an open, huge observation stand was available, where guests could make observations together with the Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers, or take pictures of the landing planes from the nearby Frederic Chopin Airport.

The Institute itself promoted the Gas Turbine Center – the latest investment, which will start operating in a few months. The largest tent belonged to the Engineering Design Center – division of the Institute of Aviation. EDC engineers presented their research offer – here everyone could take a commemorative photo and take part in a mini-play with prizes whose objective was to visit the laboratories where EDC engineers conducted advanced research projects.

The involvement of the members of the Institute of Aviation was evident at every turn. Engineers from different divisions guided tours around their laboratories, showed wind tunnels, presented aircraft engines, answering all questions and shared their expertise with everyone interested.

The 6th Night at the Institute of Aviation would not have been possible without the involvement of exhibitors – among them were many institutes and companies cooperating on a daily basis with the Institute of Aviation on research projects, and many other institutions that work in the airline industry. Numerous honorary patrons and media partners also gave their support.

This year’s event will be remembered not only for the attendance success, but also for the unique atmosphere, which was built together by the organizers, guests, volunteers, exhibitors, special guests and invited speakers.

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