The 68th International Space Congress took place between 25-29 September 2017 in Adelaide, Australia. For the fifth year in a row, experts from the Institute of Aviation have been selected by an international team of experts to present the latest developments in rocket technology at the major sessions of the world’s largest space conference.

The Institute of Aviation was represented by: Professor Piotr Wolański, Dr. Eng, Dr. habil., Paweł Surmacz, Dr. Eng.,  Michał Pakosz, Eng.

Staff of the Institute of Aviation presented four presentations, including one in the main session on rocket propulsion technology (one of 14 selected speeches from around the world). The presentation titles were:

  • Early Studies and Fire Tests of a Green Liquid Apogee Engine Based on Decomposition of 98% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ceramic Catalyst Bed for a Green Liquid Bi-propellant Rocket Engine Using 98% Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidizer
  • Development of a Low Cost Sounding Rocket Propelled by a Hybrid Motor
  • Development of a Solid Rocket Motor for an Active Deorbitation System

The presentations delivered during the conference attracted the most interest and enabled the establishment of new scientific and business contacts by the employees of the Institute of Aviation.

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