The Institute of Aviation for the third time hosted runners from all over Poland. This year over 300 runners competed in the main run of a distance of 5 km. An additional attraction was the relay race for which 36 teams signed up. The event ended with a traditional run for children.

The multiplicity of turns, a varied substrate and the picturesque alleys are the undoubted advantages of a sport event organized by the Institute of Aviation. The event promotes healthy lifestyle and is an opportunity for intergenerational competition, which went on – as always – in a relaxed and family atmosphere.

The representation of the Institute of Aviation, both in the individual run at 5 km, and group  – in the relay race presented, as usual, high level. The best female runner from the Institute was Malgorzata Zalewska of the Composite Technology Center, the best male runner – Radek Serwiński of the Engineering Design Center.

This year’s novelty – the relay race – also attracted a large group of runners. The triple teams competed at a distance of 1.7 km, beating one lap around the buildings of the Institute. The fastest team in the first edition of the relay race turned out to be LKS Koluszki composed of Marcin Puszewkiewicz, Krzysztof Pietrzyk and Blazej Skowronski.

As every year, the event was also attended by the youngest, who alone, or with the help of their parents, run a route designed for their age.

The results can be checked on the official website of the run:

Photo credit: Leszek Loroch

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