In April 2014 Data Processing Department has finished works on the Testbed for Spectral Signatures Measurements. The main purpose of designed testbed are measurements of reflectance and emissivity characteristics of different materials, objects or chemical compounds, in the spectral range of 400-1100nm. The testbed is equipped with visible and nears infrared sensors. Sensors can be changed to meet requirements of various applications.

Sensors and dedicated software (designed by our team) allows for continuous scientific observations of physical, chemical and technical phenomena. Experiments are carried out in a way allowing to store the spatial spectrum of reflected light with a maximum frequency of 6 measurements per second and 72 hours of experiment duration.

The testbed is equipped with eight point of light source that allow reducing shadow effects. The spectral range of employed light sources is almost identical to the spectrum of sunglight.

Our testbed will be used for measurements of spectral signatures of forests components against environmental factors such as age of plants, plant biochemical activity during the vegetation period, stress due to the presence of fertilizers and pathogens, etc. Acquired signatures will be stored in dedicated spectral signatures database. Such data will be used in other projects related to aerial and satellite remote sensing of forest complexes.

Team members involved in design of the Testbed for Spectral Signatures Measurements:

PhD, Eng. Paweł Czapski*
M.Sc., Eng. Mariusz Kacprzak*
M.Sc., Eng. Tomasz Korniluk*
PhD Katarzyna Kubiak**
Eng. Karol Mrowiec*
Janusz Pieniążek*

* Data Processing Department, Center of Space Technologies, Institute of Aviation in Warsaw
** Department of Forest Protection, Forest Research Institute in Sękocin

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