After test of some prototype parts of the rotarywing aircraft were completed with the end of 2011, the team started the final assembly of the demonstrator – gyroplane I-28.

Paralell last ordered components are performed and soon will soon be tested in functional and endurance tests.

Also are prepared reports with calculations and results of tests performed required by rules of ASTM F2352-09 to obtain the permision of the Civil Aviation Authority to perform the first flight.

The subject of the “Technology of implementing in the economic practice of a new type of rotarywing aircraft ” in the technical and research field is the aircraft – rotorcraft with properties intermediate between conventional helicopters, and gyroplanes with the ability of vertical takeoff and landing, simple construction, with the performances  similar to the plane, while no dependence on the runways.

Project carried out at the Composites Laboratory, led by Wiesław Krzymień, Ph.D. Eng.

Timeframe for execution of project: 01/01/2009 – 10/07/2012

Official website of the project.

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