Hovercraft from the Institute of Aviation in an experimental version of the type of PRC – 600M has successfully passed the technical tests performed by the Inspector of the Polish Register of Shipping-PRS. The result of the test is a temporary certificate of the boat class by PRS. This document authorizes the use of the hovercraft IL-PRC-600M/10 on all internal waters of the European Union.
An additional recent comparative tests B85 biofuel used to drive the hovercraft PRC-600M were carried out, as well as research on exhaust emissions and simplified hovercraft noise measuring. The results of the tests are a good source for comparison and to provide directions for further work on the impact of hovercraft on the surrounding environment.
After necessary amendments and the completing of equipment, a hovercraft will be used by Ilot as a demonstrator of technology also will be offered for sale to emergency services and private users.
Tests on Zegrzyński has been conducted by:
MA Eng. Marta Rojek – noise measurements
MA Eng. Dariusz Ejmocki – cooperation in research
Dr. Eng. Zbigniew Pągowski – research BIO 85
Dr. Eng. Christopher Szafran – hovercraft pilot

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