The International Defence Industry Exhibition was a great success for the Institute of Aviation. During the fair many contractors and army representatives showed interest in cooperation with the Institute. This year at the Institute’s stand were presented: the unmanned plane ILX-32 “MOSUPS” and the experimental rocket ILR-33 “Bursztyn”.

Three preliminary agreements were signed with the following companies: MESKO S.A, ZPS Gamrat and Jakusz Sp. z.o.o.

The cooperation with the MESKO S.A. and ZPS Gamrat will cover the following areas:

  • participation in European programs / research projects and other initiatives,
  • initiating and conducting research and development projects to develop new missile technology,
  • initiating and maintaining the implementation projects focused on the use of new, innovative technologies and solutions,
  • the exchange of economic, scientific, technical and technological knowledge,
  • educational, standardization and conference activities,
  • obtaining funds from the institutions financing the R&D sector, both national and European,
  • the publication of materials and research papers devoted to the effects of the cooperation and their popularization.

The Institute of Aviation invited also the Jakusz Sp. z.o.o company to the cooperation in the project: „Green bi-propellant apogee rocket engine for future spacecraft (GRACE)”. The aim of the project is to develop, at the early stage, the green bi-propellant apogee rocket engine for future spacecraft.9

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