On 19th February 2014 at the Institute of Aviation took place the Info Day Horizon 2020. The meeting was organized by the National Contact Point.

The meeting opened  Eng. Jerzy Żółtak who presented experiences of the Institute of Aviation in framework programmes in the field of aeronautics and air transport.

Presentations about Horizon 2020 were prepared by representatives of the National Contact Point.

On the principles for applications in the area of ​​transport talked Mikołaj Pyczak.

The subject of air transport in the work program for the years 2014-2015 drew Zbigniew Turek.

Next presentation related to the rules of participation (including  financial issues) and sharing of research results. A presentation prepared Barbara Trammer.

The meeting was also attended by representative of the National Centre for Research and Development, Armen Jaworski, who discussed the Clean Sky 2 Programme.

The Info Day Horizon 2020 brought together over 40 participants. Presented issues were an important addition to the existing knowledge on the Horizon 2020 Programme.


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