On the occasion of Women’s Day, the Institute of Aviation invited ladies for an inspiring meeting “Pilot, aviator, engineer women. Passion, gift, and courage”. Eight unusual female speakers shared their knowledge about what it means to be a successful woman, is it possible to balance work with family responsibilities, and what competencies count in science and in business.

The meeting was organized under the Science Café meeting of the Institute of Aviation – a series devoted to science and technology. The seminar fomula prepared for the inauguration of the series was centered around women who work and pursue their passions in the field of engineering, ranging from aviation to conducting research projects in the field of space technology.

– We wanted to show, that science has also a feminine face. I am very pleased that this subject was touched upon at the first meeting of the Science Café of the Institute of Aviation. We are convinced that this series of meetings will serve as a platform for science popularization. We want, in an accessible form and informal atmosphere, to talk about important and interesting things. So that enthusiasts of different fields of science have the opportunity to met with real authority figures – said professor Witold Wiśniowski, the director of the Institute of Aviation, after the meeting.

Among the invited speakers were women who are professional pilots, researchers, business leaders, experts and managers. The invitation to the meeting was accepted by: capitan Adelajda Szarzec-Tragarz – a pilot of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the Polish Airlines LOT, Galina Durmus – an international aviation expert, Krystyna Boczkowska – a chairman of the board in the Robert Bosch company, dr Natalia Zalewska – a planetologist from the Institute of Aviation, Olga Malinkiewicz – a co-founder of the Saule Technologies, a company which works on commercial use of perovskites for the technology industry, lieutenant Patrycja Balcerowska – a navigator in the 44. Naval Aviation Base in Semirowice, professor Romana Ratkiewicz-Landowska – a researcher of helioshpere from the Institute of Aviation and Dorota Dorn-Okoń, an engineer from the GE Aviation.

The meeting was accompanied by a performance by a saxophonist dr Alina Mleczko.

The invited speakers shared their knowledge and experience, as well as introduce the audience to what they do every day in work.

– We decided to invite women who have an impact on science and business not only in Poland. They are strong leaders in their fields. We are pleased with the positive response of our guests, who were with us to find an inspiration and motivation and to realize their dreams – said Aneta Olejniczak, the initiator and organizer of the meeting.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity not only to hear presentations, but also to ask questions. The seminar brought together students of both schools in aerospace and engineering areas, as well as women involved in pro-social activities in favor of women in science and business.

The online streaming of the seminar was also very popular, gathering nearly 300 people, who were tracking the course of the meeting.

The meeting “Pilot, aviator, engineer women. Passion, gift, and courage” was held under the patronage of the President of Poland – Andrzej Duda in the frame of the 90 jubilee of the Institute of Aviation.

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