ŁUKASIEWICZ – Institute of Aviation and the Warsaw University of Technology invite you to participate in the competition intended for students – participants of the 11th Development Trends in Space Propulsion Systems 2019 conference (November 14-15, 2019). The competition covers issues related to the broadly understood space industry.

All students are invited to submit abstracts and to give presentations in front of  representatives of the space sector from industry and the academic community.

The highest-rated presentation will be awarded with the main prize of 1,000 PLN, sponsored by the Warsaw University of Technology. As part of the distinctions, material prizes will be awarded with a total value not exceeding 500 PLN .

The subject of the competition is related to the following issues:

  • space propulsion systems,
  • green propellants,
  • vehicles and suborbital payloads,
  • launch vehicle,
  • rocket, launcher and spacecraft avionics,
  • numerical modeling,
  • small satellites,
  • AIV and test devices.

The aim of the competition is to become familiar with ongoing projects and the latest state of knowledge in the Polish and international space industry, promotion of space research and motivation to solve problems in the space industry.

The competition is closed and can be attended by conference participants registered with the status of “student” who are undergraduate and graduate students.

All information about the competition will be presented on the website: https://ilot.lukasiewicz.gov.pl/spacetrends2019 in the Student Competition tab.

The competition regulations are available at this link (only in Polish).

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