22, January 2013 in the Institute of Aviation held STARLET preliminary review meeting. STARLET is a project co-financed by the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking and the Institute of Aviation with support from the Ministry of Science. The Project programme was defined in an answer to Clean Sky Call for Proposal STARLET project objective is to design a new concept of active flow control system based on suction-blowing devices for the control of the aerodynamic load on aircraft wing and to check its usability by CFD calculations and wind tunnel tests. The aim of the flow control concept to be investigated is the alleviation of wing structural loading, especially of the bending moment, having direct influence on the structure fatigue life, through the modification of wing aerodynamic load distribution in gusts and off-design flight conditions. Mr Janusz Sznajder is currently coordinator of Clean Sky STARLET project at the Institute of Aviation in Poland.

More information about STARLET project you can find here

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