prof. dr hab. inż. Kazimierz Szumański


Scientific interests:

Helicopters: optimisation of constructions, flight mechanics, simulation, tests in boundary conditions.

Most important publications:

  1. Łusiak T., Dziubiński A., Szumański K. (2009). Interference between helicopter and its surrounding- experimental and numerical analysis. TASK QUARTERLY Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk, 13(4).
  2. Szumański K., Berezański J., Szumański A. (2002). Elements of helicopter supermanoeuvrability at low flight velocities. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, 74(6).
  3. Szumański K., (1988). Transgresion Investigations of Helicopter Dynamics. 16 th ICAS Congress, 28 sierpnia – 2 września, 1988, Jerusalem.
  4. Szumański K. (1978). The pilotage modelling through the numerical method, NASA Technical Reports No AD-A063669.
  5. Szumański K. (1976). Optimization of the rotor-wing system point of view, ICAS Paper, nr 76-37, Ottawa.