dr inż. Paweł Skalski

Scientific interests:

Intelligent materials and structures – applications in transport.

Most important publications:

1. Skalski P., Zalewski R. (2014). Viscoplastic properties of an MR fluid in a damper, J. Theor. Appl. Mech., 52, 4, 1047-1059.

2. Skalski P. (2014). Morphing structure with a magnetorheological material – preliminary approach. Mechatronics 2013 Recent Technological and Scientific Advanced. Springer International Publishing, 219-226.

3. Skalski P., Parafiniak M. (2012). Application of a magnetorheological fluid to the aircraft wing. Acta Avionica XIV, 25, 93-95.

4. Skalski P., Parafiniak M. (2011). Vibration testing of a helicopter main rotor composite blade. Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 218, 72-76.

5. Skalski P., Parafiniak M. (2011). Thermographic testing of composite blade. Journal of KONBiN, No. 1 (17), 247-252.