dr inż. Jerzy Kaniowski

Scientific interests:

Fatigue of aero structures.

Most important publications:

  1. Wronicz W., Kaniowski J., Korzeniewski B., Gadalinska E. (2011). Study of Stress and Strain Field Around the Rivet. ICAF2011, Structural Integrity: Influence of Efficiency and Green Imperatives. Proceedings of the 26th Symposium of the Int. Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue, 1-3 czerwca 2011, Montreal, Kanada. Editor M.J. Bos, Springer, str. 277-288.
  2. Kaniowski J., Korzeniewski B., Hakanen M. (2011). Methodology of Residual Stress Measurements for Rivet Joints. Institute of Aviation Scientific Publication, Monographic Series, ISSUE 2011, str. 42-52.
  3. Wronicz W., Kaniowski J. (2011). Experimental and Numerical Study of Strain Progress During and After Riveting Process for Brazier Rivet and Rivet with Compensator – Squeezing Force and Rivet Type Effect. Monografia, nr 2011, str. 165-189.
  4. Ciesielski M., Kaniowski J., Karliński W. (2009). Determination of the fatigue crack-growth rate from fractographic analysis of a specimens representing the aircraft wing skin. International Journal of Fatigue, tom 31, nr 6, str. 1102-1108.
  5. Kaniowski J., Szala J. (2003). Analysis of Fatigue Cracks Propagation In Complex Structures. Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, nr 172 – 173.

List of projects:

  1. Research Project No. 0871/91/92/03 (770039203) titled “Imitation models of random fields in aerodynamics,” Contractor, completed.
  2. Supervised Research Project No.  447/T12/96/10 (9T12C00910) titled “Studies on the influence of geometric constructional features on wing fatigue life,” General contractor, completed.
  3. Research Project No. 7T07B01018 titled “Fatigue tests of complex structural components in operating load conditions,” General contractor, completed.
  4. Research Project No. 9T12C05118 titled “Development of the methodology of assessment of the fatigue wear of the wing supporting structure,” General contractor, completed and graded as excellent.
  5. Research Project No. 7T07B00419 titled “Reconstruction of the course of fatigue cracks in structural elements of aircraft under operational load conditions,” General contractor, completed and graded as excellent.
  6. International research project within the Eureka Initiative No. E!3496, code-named IMPERJA, titled “Improving the Fatigue Performance of Riveted Joints in Airframes,” Project coordinator, manager of the special research project 59/EUR/2006/02.


  1. Parachute cart, Patent No. 146033 (Copyright Certificate No. 245730), Warsaw, 27 December 1989, co-author.


  1. II prize in the scope of theoretical work and theoretical and experimental work in the Contest for the best work performed in the Institute of Aviation in 2009 for the work titled the “Determination of the fatigue crack-growth rate from fractographic analysis of specimens representing the aircraft wing skin.”


Membership of Professional and Scientific Bodies:

  1. Member in the Scientific Council at the Institute of Aviation – term of office: 1995 – 1999, 1999 – 2000, and 2007 – 2008.
  2. Member of the Surface Engineering Inter-Section Team of the Machine Construction Committee in the National Academy of Sciences, term of office: 1993-1996