prof. dr hab. inż. Maciej Bossak


Scientific interests:

Behaviour of deformed structures moving in gas or with gas flow around it – Aeroelasticity.

Behaviour of materials and structures under extreme conditions – Acrology.

Most important publications:

  1. Bossak M.A., Kaczkowski J. (2003). Global/Local Analysis of Composite Light Aircraft Crash Landing. Computers and Structures, 81.
  2. Bossak M.A. (2001). Bandes adiabatiques de cisaillement. Cahiers de Mechanique, No.1-01 (7).
  3. Bossak M.A. (1994). Finite Elements and Polydescriptive Approach in Concurrent Engineering. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, 7(3/6).
  4. Wood W.L., Bossak M.A., Zienkiewicz O.C. (1980). An Alpha Modification of Newmark’s Method. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 15(10).
  5. Bossak M.A., Zienkiewicz O.C. (1973). Free Vibrations of Initially Stressed Solids. Journal of Strain Analysis, 8(4).