19 April 2012 representatives of spanish companies Mr Jose Luis Moreno from Foundation Cidaut – Transport and Energy Research and Development (www.cidaut.es) and Mr Inigo Diaz de Espada Segura of FEDIT – Tecnológicos Centros de Espana (www.fedit.com) have visited the Institute of Aviation. The meeting was the result of unofficial meeting at the General Conference EARTO “Delivering the Innovation Union – The Essential Contribution of RTOs,” which held on 12-13 May 2011 in Warsaw. Institute of Aviation was represented by Director of the Centre of New Technologies Zbigniew Wołejsza, Deputy Director – Commercial Marcin Gawronski and Scientific Secretary Zbigniew Pągowski. Main topics of the meeting were the presentation of the position and specifics of activities in the national and international research and development market of such services as well as the preparation of the base for complementary cooperation on the field of transport, including aviation and activities at European Union Framework Programmes. The guests had the opportunity to visit selected laboratories of Center of New Technologies and the Materials as well as of the Structures Research Center of the Institute of Aviation. They could see historical constructions of the Institute. In the picture our guests with Director Marcin Gawroński in front of the TS-8 “Bies”.


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