On the 8th of May at the Institute of Aviation seminar on “Stanislaw Jakub Skarżyński – 80th anniversary trip across the Atlantic ” took place. May 8, 1933, COL. pil. Stanislaw Skarżyński flew acorss south Atlantic in  a tiny plane RWD 5-bis, weighing only 446 kg to Maceio, then to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and the Argentine capital city-Buenos Aires, a record of which to this day no one broke.The purpose of the seminar was to commemorate the historic event of the passage of the first Pole, Stanislaw James Skarżyński across the Atlantic and the presentation of Polish achievements in the development of aviation technology. The seminar was attended by the Ambassador of Brazil to Poland – His Excellency Jorge Geraldo Kadri and son of Stanislaw Skarżyński  – Maciej Skarżyński with his wife. Another attraction was a replica of the plane, which crossed the Atlantic Stanislaw Skarżyński – WFD-5, which could be seen in the Institute of Aviation. During the seminar there was Brazilian capoeira group  UNICAR show and Argentine tango performed by Anna Iberszer and Piotr Wozniak and the presentation of a documentary about Stanislaw Jakub Skarżyński – “Silent condor”.

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