On 9th October was held a seminar of Wladimir Kasianov – “The principle of maximum entropy in problems of subjective active safety systems”. The lecturer is a professor of the National Aviation University in Ukraine.

The summary of today’s presentation of Wladimir Kasianov:

In subjective analysis we encounter a problem of evaluation of an individual-subject participation in systems and processes of control in the vast majority of scientific researches that consider the functioning and control of the so-called active systems.

The present theory, from our point of view, is relevant in the study of active safety systems, including safety issues, as the air transport system, as a whole, and the system of “Plane – Pilot – Environment,” in particular are active systems.

Professor Kasianov is an author of a book published by the Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation under the title of  “Subjective Entropy of Preferences. Subjective analysis” (a book in English).

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