We invite you to download a free publication: “Selected aspects of aircraft design” written by professor Cezary Galiński.

The publication is available only in Polish at this link: https://ilot.lukasiewicz.gov.pl/Cezary_Galinski_Wybrane_zagadnienia_projektowania_samolotow.pdf.

The book was primarily designed for students of the first year of studies in the field of aviation, who have to be explained often the basics of aviation technique without going into details, leaving those to specialist lectures. The cursory nature of the presented knowledge about the design and construction of aircraft is meant to improve the understanding of the complexity of this process and provide a basis for further improvement of the knowledge in this area. The purpose of this book is not a presentation of specific methods of analysis of individual issues, but rather a synthesis of the results.

The study uses some of the results of projects funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, No. O N509 025836, and the National Centre for Science and Research, No. PBS1 / A6 / 14/2012, POKL 04.01.01-00-002 / 08 and POKL 04.01.01-00-061 / 10.

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