The conference „Problems of implementing of the Safety Management System in flying organizations” is organized by Flying Organization in the cooperation with AeroPartner.  Specialists in the field of Safety Management System will share with their expertise and experience. The conference will take place at the Institute of Avation on 15th January 2014.

Project is open for all aircraft organizations. Safety Management System is a new issue of the aviation safety system implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and European Union.

In November the latest 19. Annex of Chicago Convention which is focused on this subject will be implemented. In the newest European rules this issue is also be covered.

In April next year requirements of the Safety Management System will have to be implemented by all aviation schools.

Rules reffering to the market of carriers and continuing airworthiness management organizations are already prepared and will also have to be implemented soon.

By 2018 safety management system will have been implemented by the whole airline industry.

Conference Manager
Elwira Solarska-Patyk
phone.: (+48) 12 399 42 20
mobile: (+48) 607 777 107

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