On 6th November 2014, DZ Consulting Sp. z o.o. conducted another workshop on safety management. The meeting was held in the Institute of Aviation.

This year’s edition was dedicated to threat assessment, risk assessment and planning of activities. Observations of the functioning of SMS in aviation organisations after its first ‘express’ implementation in spring this year, indicated the need for such training.

The participants included representatives of ATOs, airports, and carriers. The workshop was attended by 30 persons.

Within the meeting, participants were divided into groups and received a description of a situation, which formed the basis for identifying the threats. Once the threats were pin-pointed, the participants had to describe the threats, assess them and plan the actions necessary to remove and alleviate the threat and control security.

DZ Consulting is planning to implement a series of meetings of this kind that will be aimed at improving the safety quality in aviation, the details of which will soon be available on their website  www.dz-consulting.pl

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