A conference entitled „Safety in Civil Aviation” organized annually by the Civil Aviation Authority was held at Lazarski University in Warsaw on 16-17 November 2016. The participants were representatives of the organizations supervising national aviation, as well as maintenance organizations, airport boards, aero clubs etc. This year, for the first time, CAA invited representatives of our Institute to actively participate in this conference. The invitation was accepted by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Aviation, Leszek Loroch.

During the conference the following research papers were presented by Paweł Głowacki, PhD Eng. and Włodzimierz Balicki, PhD Eng:

  1. Ocena jakości działania organizacji lotniczych na podstawie danych zawartych w zbiorze ACAM.
  2. Określenie ryzyka bezpieczeństwa dla instalacji płatowcowych samolotów o MTOM > 5700 kg na podstawie danych zawartych w zbiorze ECCAIRS.

More about the conference: http://www.ulc.gov.pl/pl/publikacje/wiadomosci/4087-konferencja-bezpieczenstwa-w-lotnictwie-cywilnym-agenda.

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