The Scientific Publishers of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation are pleased to inform that another book from the Scientific Library series has been published: “Energy sources and hybrid drives in transport” by Łukasz Czajkowski, Ph.D. and Professor Roman Domański.

The work presented to the reader is intended to show the basic ways of energy conversion in transport, applied hybrid solutions and ecological threats resulting from human activity. It also indicates ways of reducing or even eliminating some of them by means of modern solutions of propulsion systems, introducing accumulation processes and new energy sources.

The aim of this study is also to identify the ecological hazards (global and local ones) resulting from energy conversion processes with particular emphasis on transport and energy related to it, particularly the problems of formation of unfavourable components of exhaust gases during combustion processes, fuel processing, pollution balance, generation of noise and electromagnetic fields and methods of their reduction.

The book presents not only the issues of hybrid drives, but also briefly characterizes the basis of energy conversion processes and the matters of global energy resources as well as selected forecasts of energy development taking into account the modes of transport.

The book is now available in the publishers’ online store.

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