During the exhibitiona visitors could vote for the best photograph. 2040 visitors take part in the voting, and there were 2012 valid votes. First three places are as follows:

1st place – Adam Oryszak from Piła

2nd place – Krzysztof Zieliński from Warsaw

3rd place – Andrzej Pilewski from Warsaw

The winner will get aviation bag and year subscription of Just Fly Magazine. Same prizes will get author of the best photograph chosen by the publisher of the magazine. Rest will get half year subscriptions of the Just Fly Magazine. Prizes are founded by the Just Fly Magazine Group s.c. Organizer of the exhibition – Institute of Aviation founded for all of the exhibitors special prizes – jubilee albums, which are presenting the history of the Institute of Aviation. Five participants of the voting will also get those albums, and the winners are:
1. Jacek Czujkowski
2. Ewa Kuziela
3. Szymon Opaliński
4. Iwona Posel
5. Magda Postek

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