International poster competition dedicated to aviation “Fly Like Birds” has ended. We received 270 works from Poland, Europe and South America. In accordance with competition’s regulations, jury contained of:

Esaú González Carpio – Mexico
Pierre Chambres – France
Marios Christoforides – Cyprus
Enric Macià – Spain
Robbin Milne – USA
Pavel Oparty – Czech Republic
Bora Özen – Turkey
Ursula Schmidt Krause – Germany
Radosław Suchożebrski – Poland
Panagiotis Voulgaris – Greece
decided to award single grand prize and one distinction.

The grand prize – one-month (1-30 September 2011) individual course in graphic design at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze of Florence, Italy, including accommodation costs – was awarded to:

Katarzyna Meszka

Distinction and financial prize was awarded to:

Marta Olczak

Jury also distinguished eight authors, who will receive unique albums, published because of the 85th Anniversary of the Institute of Aviation.

Arkadiusz Lorenc
Artur Wojciechowski
Iwona Ratajczyk
Otto Hugo Lerma Morales
Monika Prus
Beata Stachura
Marta Stawarczyk
Diana Sztajda

Organizer of the competition, Institute of Aviation, awarded Christopher Scott with additional distinction, a unique album, published because of the 85th Anniversary of the Institute of Aviation.

All distinguished people please contact us to verify postal addresses via e-mail:

All works will be available to watch on the Internet since 8th of August 2011 on following websites:,,

The 38 most interesting projects will be available in big format on the location exhibition, which will be held in Warsaw between 1st – 17th of October 2011 on The Royal Way.


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