In March 2017, the Institute of Aviation signed an agreement for continuation of commercial research commissioned by Gyro-Tech Innovation in Aviation Sp. z o.o., which implements research and development project titled “Innovative composite rotors for ultralight helicopters” under the Intelligent Development within Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Last year the first stage of work for this company was completed. The research commissioned from the Institute of Aviation had a multidisciplinary character. Several tests were performed, such as: strength tests of structural composite material samples, blade work load calculations and FEM strength analysis for blade structures. In addition, the blade vibration characteristics were calculated as well as bent and swing stiffness measurements for the first prototype copies were made. Proof strength tests of the scaffold components also have been made which confirmed the required safety margin of the new construction.

We are pleased to announce that the prototype rotor has been successfully tested on the ultralight H3 helicopter of the Belgian company Dynali Helicopters – the first commercial customer of these rotors. The pilots’ feedback is very positive and there is an extensive program of air testing. One of the stages of the commission was also the development of a new aerodynamic profile, designed specifically to work on lightweight and ultralight helicopters, which will be a novelty in this type of construction. This new profile is the basis for the continuation of the work on new innovative blades that are about to begin this year with the participation of the Institute of Aviation. The company has just signed a contract for the continuation of research work that will be carried out at the Department of Transport at the Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion.

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