The Institute of Aviation and Warsaw University of Technology organized the READ 2016 seminar (Research and Education in Aircraft Design) and the 6th SCAD Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design which was held from 12 till 14 September 2016.

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The READ seminar serves as a forum for the presentation of the latest advances in aeronautical engineering and its influence on education of aircraft engineering.

Covered topics
General information
Official language
Student session
Seminar fee
Article submissions and presentation
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Covered topics

– Aircraft structures and propulsion
– Aircraft design
– Aerodynamics and flight dynamics
– Aicraft avionics and electromechanics
– Aircraft maintenance
– Aerospace education
– Aviation development
– Safety and security in aviation
– Materials in aerospace engineering

General information

All papers received by 15th June will be published in the proceedings in the form of a CD and distributed during
the seminar. All papers will be sent to reviewers and then the best articles will be published in the journal Transactions of the Institute of Aviation. The Institute of Aviation has been publishing Transactions of the Institute of Aviation since 1956. It publishes new, original articles written by researchers collaborating with the Institute,including those from abroad. The scope of the publication is closely related to the area of activity of the Institute and the scientific conferences organized there. All articles are reviewed before publishing.

The seminar will be held at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw. In the frame of the seminar, special sightseeing
tour for participants and accompanying persons will also be offered.

Official language

The official language for both, presentations and papers, is English.

Student session

Special student juried sessions will be held.

Seminar fee

The seminar fee covers the book of abstracts, final seminar proceedings, sessions attendance, refreshments
and reception.

Participants 1100 PLN / 250 €
Students 110 PLN / 25 €
Accompanying persons 220 PLN / 50 €

The payment should be made within one month from the notification of acceptance. The bank account details will be available at

Article submissions and presentations

All articles will be accepted only through on-line submission at Every author
has to register and follow the instructions included in the registration forms.

The general digital equipment will be available for all sessions. In case of special needs, please inform the


15.03.2016 – Call for papers
30.04.2016 – Abstract submission deadline
07.05.2016 – Notification of acceptance
15.06.2016 – Registration
31.07.2016 – Payment
15.06.2016 – Full paper submission deadline

Seminar Chairman

Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski
Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics,
Warsaw University of Technology

Local Organizing Committee

READ – Marcin Figat (
SCAD – Jacek Mieloszyk (
Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics,
Warsaw University of Technology

Seminar Secretary

Agata Wierzbińska (
phone: (+48) 22 188 3949

Beata Wierzbińska-Prus (
phone: (+48) 22 622 4374; (+48) 22 234 5428

Scientific Advisory Committee

Tomasz Goetzendendorf-Grabowski (Poland)
Zdobysław Goraj (Poland)
Witold Wiśniowski (Poland)
Björn Nagel (Germany)
Peter Schmollgruber (France)
Antonin Pistek (Czech Republic)
Jonas Staukunas (Lithuania)
Tetsuhiko Ueda (Japan)
Ray Whitford (UK)
Rodrigo Martinez-Val (Spain)
Alexander Zbrutsky (Ukraine)
Martinsh Kleinhofs (Latvia)
Allan Nõmmik (Estonia)
Laurent Dala (South Africa)

Further information:

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