On May 4th  a public defence of doctoral dissertation of M.Sc. Eng. Ewa Cichocka titled: “Influence of gyroscopic effects on light turboprop aircraft dynamics” was held. Ewa Cichocka is an employee of the Transport System Department in the Center of the New Technologies at the Institute of Aviation. The doctoral advisor is Prof. Zdobysław Goraj, Habilitated Doctor Eng. from the Warsaw University of Technology.

The main purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of the gyroscopic effects on the dynamic stability and the response of aircraft to maneuvers following either a rapid deflection of the control surfaces or wind gust.

The Doctoral Thesis Committee conferred the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences to M.Sc. Eng. Ewa Cichocka and submitted her doctoral thesis for distinction.

The Doctoral Thesis Committee representatives were:

  • Witold Wiśniowski, Habilitated Doctor Eng. – chairman,
  • Prof. Zdobysław Goraj, Habilitated Doctor Eng. – supervisor,
  • Prof. Aleksander Olejnik, Habilitated Doctor Eng. (Military Academy of Technology) – reviewer,
  • Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski, Habilitated Doctor Eng. (Warsaw University of Technology) – reviewer,
  • Prof. Maciej Bossak, Habilitated Doctor Eng.,
  • Cezary Galiński, Habilitated Doctor Eng.,
  • Prof. Tadeusz Niezgoda, Habilitated Doctor Eng.,
  • Grzegorz Socha, Habilitated Doctor Eng.,
  • Prof. Kazimierz Szumański, Habilitated Doctor Eng.
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