On April 17-21, 2018, representatives of the HESOFF project from the Institute of Aviation – project manager Mariusz Kacprzak and dissemination manager Hubert Skoneczny participated in the conference and in meetings with other LIFE projects in Luxembourg. The aim of the delegation was to disseminate knowledge about the HESOFF project through meetings with representatives of other LIFE projects: Resto-unio (LIFE11 NAT/LU/000857) and LIFE DI-CNG (LIFE13 ENV/LU/000460), as well as participation in a conference organized by Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, entitled: “Luxembourg Earth Observation and Integrated Applications Day, Space Applications in Environmental Management”.

On April 18th, the HESOFF delegation held a meeting with representatives of the LIFE project “Resto-Unio – Restoration of Unio crassus in rivers in the Luxemburgish Ardennes” at the headquarters of the institution implementing the project – Foundation Hëlleffird’Natur in Heinerscheid. The goal of the Resto-unio project is to improve the quality of the river mussel habitat – Unio crassus in the rivers Our and Sûre in Luxembourg. During the meeting, dr Sonja Heumann presented concept of the LIFE Resto-unio project – the genesis of the project submission, its basic assumptions, results so far and methods used. Then Mariusz Kacprzak presented tasks being carried out in the Remote Sensing Division, discussing such areas as: areas of expertise and activities, results of recent works, currently ongoing projects or methods of data processing. Later, Hubert Skoneczny presented the work entitled “Data processing and visualization in HESOFF project”, which described the project itself in terms of data processing methodology, equipment used, and the results and application possibilities of the developed methodology in other tasks.

On April 19th, the HESOFF project delegation took part in a conference organized by LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology). The place of event was the Domaine Thermal hotel in Mondorf-les-Bains in south-eastern Luxembourg, and the aim of the conference itself was to raise awareness among users and service providers in the so-called “Greater Region” with the potential offered by space technologies in the field of environmental monitoring and management. During the meeting, representatives of the private and public sectors, institutional entities and academia had the opportunity to present their activities in the field of Earth observation. In addition, the delegation of the HESOFF project took part in a poster session where the author’s poster promoting the HESOFF project was presented.

Accepting the invitation of Mr. Joachim Kiefer, representatives of the HESOFF project visited, on April 20th, the headquarters of Delphi Automotive Systems Luxembourg S.A. in Bascharage, southern Luxembourg. Delphi Automotive Systems is currently running the LIFE project “DI-CNG – Demonstration and validation of Direct Injection of CNG in vehicle engines and its environmental benefits”. The aim of the project itself is to develop and demonstrate a new technology that will allow direct injection of compressed natural gas (DI-CNG) into automotive engines. During the meeting, the assumptions, methodologies and results of the DI-CNG and HESOFF projects were discussed. Mr. Joachim Kiefer presented concept of his project, and from the representatives of HESOFF, two works were presented: “Remote Sensing Division (IoA)” and “Data processing and visualization in HESOFF project”.

Both representatives of Resto-unio and DI-CNG expressed a deep interest in the methodology developed and results so far in the HESOFF project. The meetings allowed for the exchange of knowledge, experience and discussion of the paths of potential cooperation between organizations.

The participation in the conference on April 19th was also extremely fruitful – during the business talks, experiences and contacts were exchanged with representatives of organizations from the sector, not only scientific and research, but also from private ones. In addition, the conference session provided valuable knowledge on the methods of implementation of projects such as: “Weed detection and classification using high resolution UAV imagery” or “BIOSCOPE: A farmers’ perspective to remote sensing”, whose subjects matter is very similar to the HESOFF project.

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