Baltic.AirCargo.Net project, entitled „Improvement of the air cargo transport sector by service oriented ICT-methods and processing logistic network” had been carried out in the framework of Baltic Sea Region 2007-2013programme. The lead partner was Hochschule Wismar. In the Institute of Aviation, the project manager was mgr inż. Wojciech Miksa. Total project budget (all participants) was 3 073 000 €, timeline: 11 IX 2010 to 10 IX 2013. The consortium comprised 13 partners from 9 countries: Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Lithaunia, Latvia and Estonia. Institute of Aviation was part financed by EU from ERDF (85%) and Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education MNiSW (80% of 15% own funding). The project had been finished in planned time and budget.

The project aimed at enhancing operating environment in air cargo sector by:

  • providing airport regions complex measures that accommodate the demand for air transport in an optimal way that attains more sustainable air cargo development, whilst maximizing economic benefits.
  • increasing capacity of regional airports by improving usability, functionality and accessibility of the ICT network in the air-cargo sector.
  • increasing interoperability of political and content transport related networks, through exploring and integrating of the air cargo issues in agenda of common transport strategy of the BSR; enhancing political collaboration among regional airports and airfreight players.

The more significant results, elaborated in the Institute of Aviation were:

Task 3.1: Air Cargo Market in Poland, authors: Bartosz Dziugieł, Wojciech Miksa, Malwina Dziugieł (Konieczna).

Task 3.1: Expert Interview Analysis, authors: Malwina Dziugieł (Konieczna), Bartosz Dziugieł.

Task 3.2: ICT Infrastructure Analysis, authors: Malwina Dziugieł (Konieczna).

Task 3.5: Market Outlook, author: Maciej Mączka.

Task 4.1: TO BE concept, author: Wojciech Miksa).

Task 4.1: Optimisation possibilities, author: Wojciech Miksa).

As a result of the project, the Institute of Aviation elaborated over 9 publications.

More information on the Baltic.Air.Cargo.Net project can be found on the project web site:, and the Baltic Sea Region programme website:

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