Hovercraft PRC-600M

PhD Eng. Krzysztof Szafran performed a promotion test of the PRC-600M, hovercraft designed in the Institute of Aviation on a frozen lake in Lubniewice. The first flights have provided a lot of excitement, because suddenly became dark and the fog surrounded the hovercraft. The pilot almost blindly came to the coast. The presentation, which took place the next day ran smoothly. Hovercraft flights took place on the frozen surface of the lake. PRC-600 M made an approach to a pier and a coast. The vehicule was also used for setting of buoys at designated locations on the lake. Potential users were made familiar with the capabilities of hovercraft. Among other things, conducted a show of precision approach to a designated point, the maneuver required during the rescue operation.
After successful shows hovercraft returned to the Institute of Aviation. The presentation attracted a lot of interest.

Here you can see the gallery from the presentation

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