A multisensory platform QUERCUS.6 built within the HESOFF project at the Center for Space Technologies (Institute of Aviation) will be presented and used during the FPS COST Action FP1401 GLOBAL WARNING workshops: “Fungal taxonomy and fungal identification using traditional (i.e. not molecular) techniques” in Sękocin Stary at the end of November 2016.

The purpose of the aforementioned meetings is:

  • to create a network of scientists from countries in which nursery-gardens may arise from the harvested seeds of tree species at risk or where there are existing botanical gardens, arboreta, or other plantations of these trees,
  • to develop common methods for monitoring and reporting pests and the regulations facilitating the establishment and acquisition of data from nursery-gardens.

The committee of this program consists of eminent scientists in the field of forestry, among whom are dr. René Eschen (CABI, Switzerland) and prof. Andrea Vannini (Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italy).

Additionally, during the meeting, there will also be presented “Monitoring of forest stands infected by Phytophthora using aerial and satelite imagery” (Rynkiewicz A., Kotlarz J., Kacprzak M., Nasiłowska S., Rotchimmel K .).

More on: https://www.ibles.pl/en/web/cost/globalwarning

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