Bird strike test

On May 24, 2017, after more than two years of preparations, the Institute of Aviation completed its first PP20 Inlet Certification (Bird Strike Test). The certification was carried out by engineers of the Materials and Structures Research Center (Institute of Aviation), Engineering Design Center (Institute of Aviation and GE), and Middle River Aircraft Systems (General Electric, Baltimore, USA).

The tests carried out in the Structural Test Laboratory simulated the effects of a bird’s collision and the resulting damage of an airplane inlet. Experts have conducted the tests using a pneumatic cannon (in accordance with current standards) and high-speed video cameras.

Research work at the Structural Test Laboratory was carried out by a team composed of Janusz Wlazło, MSc. Eng. (the manager), Paweł Kucio, MSc. Eng. (the coordinator), Andrzej Orzechowski, MSc. Eng., Mirosław Kozera, MSc. Eng., and Dariusz Bernacik, MSc. Eng.

Małgorzata Zalewska, MSc. Eng., the head of the Composite Research Laboratory, as the person authorized by the GE Middle River Aircraft Systems, was responsible for ensuring the compliance of the test bench preparation with the certification requirements.

The next C919 Bird Strike Certification Test will be held in 2018.

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