On the 21st of July 2016, the Warsaw University of Technology, the Military University of Technology in Warsaw and the Institute of Aviation have signed a framework agreement on long-term cooperation within an established Cluster under the name of the Polish Wind Tunnels (Polskie Tunele Aerodynamiczne).

Main objective of the Cluster is to associate the wind tunnels existing within all three entities and, consequently, create a strong communication and integration platform for their working teams. It also aims at the dissemination of information and promotion of wind tunnels and its scientific and commercial usage. Such actions will facilitate and intensify the exchange of scientific ideas and thoughts, exchange of information among the academics and scientists, and will also enable and encourage the joint development of innovative techniques, conducting research and solving technical and market problems.

The activity of the Polish Wind Tunnels Cluster will result in a stronger focus on joint undertakings, which will provide opportunity for their scientists to together develop and implement the innovative use of wind tunnels infrastructure faster and more effectively. Another key objective of the Cluster is to stimulate  interaction among the scientists working within wind tunnels teams, which will help build stronger academic and professional bonds so as to reach scientific excellence and research competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets. Integration and cooperation with entities from other countries which operate within the same or related area is also one of the key objectives of the Polish Wind Tunnels Cluster.

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