Polish space sector professionalists and internship participants attended workshops at the Institute of Aviation


Acquiring talents to the Polish space sector – this is the goal of the internship program “Development of the personnel in the space sector” organized by the Industrial Development Agency and the Polish Space Industry Association, whose participants together with members of the Polish Space Professionals Association visited the Institute of Aviation. On June 22, 2018, members of both groups participated in a workshop on sounding rockets coordinated by engineers of the Space Technologies Department.

The workshop aimed to familiarize participants with issues related to the design, construction and use of sounding rockets. The participants were asked to simulate the flight of the sounding rocket and to optimize the elements of its construction in order to raise its maximum ceiling. The engineers from the Space Technologies Department, who successfully develop the ILR-33 “Amber” sounding rocket, shared their knowledge and experience on designing process. The rocket were presented to participants during a guided laboratory tour at the Institute.

Additionally, the tour covered visiting the Polish largest wind tunnel and the Earth Observation Mission Control Center. Participants had also an opportunity to learn more about the optimization of sounding rocket constructions during a lecture of the head of the Space Technologies Department, Adam Okniński, PhD Eng.

Warsztaty "Rakiety sondujące" w Instytucie Lotnictwa | "Sounding rockets" - workshop at the Institute of Aviation

Warsztaty “Rakiety sondujące” w Instytucie Lotnictwa | “Sounding rockets” – workshop at the Institute of Aviation


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