During the “Trees and forests in the changing environment” conference organized at the Institute of Dendrology in Kórnik (17-18 October 2016) the results of the studies on the effect of drought on the surface of the HESOFF research project oak stands were presented.

The aim of the conference was to present the latest research results in the field of biology and ecology of trees and forest functioning in the light of the currently observed and forecasted climate changes and related disorders in the environment. The discussions covered issues including ecology and ecophysiology, morphology and anatomy, genetics, biochemistry, taxonomy, biotechnology, reproductive biology, interspecific interactions, sensitivity to stress, protecting trees and forests and the role of trees in the structure and functioning of ecosystems.

Dr. Sylwia Nasiłowska presented the research results on the analysis of satellite images to detect drought in the analyzed forests. The poster “Remote sensing in the study of the drought impact on the oak stands’ health condition” (S. Nasiłowska, J. Kotlarz, M. Kacprzak, A. Rynkiewicz, K. Rotchimmel) was awarded by the Director of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Poznań.

See the poster.

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