On January the 1st , 2017 an Vibroacoustic Laboratory has been established in Institute of Aviation’s Materials and Structures Research Center. The new team, which consists of specialists with nearly 40 years of documented experience, has begun the accreditation process in the Polish Center of Accreditation of their proprietary research method called “Dynamics investigation of the complete mechanical constructions or its components”.

The core business of the Laboratory is to provide ground vibration testing (GVT) of flying objects whose results are the basis for further dynamic analysis, in particular, flutter investigations that are required by the aviation authorities. The laboratory is able to provide a GVT’s for any kind of object, also in its working conditions – as environmental testing.

Laboratorium Wibroakustyki

Concurrently, since 2015, the team has seeing an intense advancement of its competences within the area of noise level measurements, including an innovative approach to sound source localization using a device called “an acoustic camera”. Also included in the commercial offer are standardized measurements, in particular a method for determining sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity in compliance with ISO 9614-1:1993 and ISO 9614-2:1996 standards, as well as  a method for computing occupational noise exposure in work environments  using measurements of sound pressure level in compliance with PN-N 01307:1994 and PN-EN ISO 9612:2011 standards.

The commercial offer of the Vibroacoustics Laboratory is available here.

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