On April 27, 2017 the Engineering Design Center (EDC), a division of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, will host representatives of governmental, scientific and business circles during the “Technology Outlook for O&G Industry 2025” conference. Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was invited to the meeting. The conference aims to address the challenges facing the oil, gas and oil extraction, transportation and processing industries in today’s ever-changing world, from both oil and gas companies’ perspectives and institutions.

During the conference, guests will be able to share experiences with representatives of numerous oil and gas industry companies from this part of Europe and to broaden their knowledge of the technological trends and challenges of the 21st century market. The conference will be opened by keynote presentations of government and General Electric representatives on the issues of government-to-government and business-to-government engagement in the oil and gas industry, after which a discussion panel on the key technological challenges facing the oil and gas industry will be held. The afternoon will be dedicated to science and technology sessions in three thematic blocks: “Digital Revolution”, “Innovative Technologies” and “Economic and Environmental Challenges”.

The conference will be an opportunity to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Oil & Gas team at the Engineering Design Center, a joint venture between the Institute of Aviation and General Electric. The O&G team was created at the EDC in 2007 and is a key part of Europe’s largest design center, employing 2,000 people, including 1800 engineers. Engineers from the O&G team design, test, and support the production and servicing of seafloor installations for the extraction of oil and gas. Among the other equipment that the EDC team works on are industrial turbines with a few to tens of MW – in particular 5, 12 and 16 MW, which are used in gas pumping stations, pipelines and by power generation and compressors used in gas and refinery, chemical and petrochemical industries.

The conference is also a part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of GE’s presence in Poland.

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