Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

X-ray computed tomography (RT/CT)

X-ray computed tomography (2D/3D) consists in x-raying of the tested element with high-energy ionizing radiation (X or gamma), emitted by an X-ray tube or a radioactive element. The detection of material discontinuities is based on the phenomenon of changing the intensity of radiation reaching the detector after passing through the verified object. Radiography is one of the most effective non-destructive testing methods for detecting and locating internal imperfections in any material.

X-ray method – testing capabilities

  • detection of internal structure defects in any materials,
  • volumetric studies of objects,
  • dimensioning of internal elements,
  • volumetric testing of the correctness of assembly,
  • welds testing.

X-ray method – equipment

X-ray tube 240 kV/320 W

  • detail detectability: 1 μm,
  • maximum resolution: 2 μm,
  • maximum object size (height x diameter) – 410 mm x 300 mm,
  • maximum object weight: 10 kg,
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