Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

Magnetic powder method

The method relies on the excitation of a magnetic field in the tested object and the use of a fine-grained ferromagnetic powder to detect magnetic scattering fields arising on the surface of the tested element, in the areas of surface and subsurface material discontinuities.

Magnetic powder method – testing capabilities

  • detection of surface and subsurface defects (inclusions, pores, blisters) of all ferromagnetic materials;
  • basic detection of surface, thermal and mechanical defects – grinding cracks, hardening cracks, etc.

Magnetic powder method – equipment

  • yoke defectoscopes Magnaflux, Parker;
  • Magnaflux fluorescent and black suspensions;
  • UV and white light illuminators;
  • magnetic indicators;
  • standards.
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