Areas of operation

Aeronautical technologies

Space technologies

Unmanned technologies

Material technologies

Composite technologies

Our history, passion, commitment, knowledge and experience of our employees cannot be encapsulated in a few words. It is the story of 95 years of research, the creation of new visions and heated discussions, from which the history of all Polish aviation emerges.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation is the place where outstanding researchers, scientists and engineers work.

Areas of activity – Material technologies

  • testing the mechanical properties of the materials
  • static, dynamic and fatigue tests
  • testing of structural elements
  • crash tests
  • designing and testing of landing gears and brakes
  • vibroacoustic tests
  • stress diffractometric measurement
  • non-destructive testing (NDT)

Areas of activity – aeronautical technologies  

  • experimental and computational research in the field of aerodynamics
  • designing metal and composite aeronautical structures
  • designing and testing of avionic devices
  • designing of aircraft engine components
  • testing of the advanced drives (BLI, RDE)
  • designing of the hybrid propulsion systems
  • support in the aircraft certification process
  • R&D in the field of air transport systems
  • aircraft designing

Areas of activity – R&D works for industry

  • structural analyzes of durability and reliability
  • flow and heat transfer analyses
  • development of new production technologies
  • automation and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • designing embedded systems
  • mechanical component testing
  • measurements of electrical parameters
  • tests of digital avionics protocols
  • development of 3D printing technology
  • Pressure tests

Areas of activity – space technologies

  • development of engines and rocket and satellite systems
  • suborbital flights and research in microgravity
  • IT solutions in the field of remote sensing and space technologies
  • development of optoelectronic and mechatronic tools
  • development of deorbit modules
  • production of propellants
  • development of avionic systems for the rockets

Areas of activity – unmanned technologies

  • development of UAV control systems and structures
  • electronic and mechanical systems for UAVs
  • integration with airspace traffic management systems
  • development of drones disposal systems
  • integration of the on-board avionics systems
  • development of machine vision and real–time software

Areas of activity – composite technologies

  • qualification tests of composite materials
  • technologies for the production of composite parts
  • strength analyses
  • thermoplastic composite pressing technologies
  • designing composite structures
  • non–destructive testing