Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

Aircraft landing gears

We are the leading center for designing and testing aircraft landing gear in Poland. A significant part of the landing gears of aircraft and helicopters manufactured in Polish factories has been designed and tested in our laboratory, which offers a set of comprehensive engineering services, such as design, analysis, testing and supervision over the execution of prototypes.

Among the goals we set for ourselves is the development of technology, proposing new construction and technological solutions, their verification with the use of testing methods, construction of tests beds and supervision over the implementation of prototypes of technology demonstrators.

Aircraft landing gears – an offer

Our offer in the field of design includes:

  • wheeled and skid types aircraft landing gear;
  • shimmy and anti-resonance dampers;
  • one- and two-stage shock absorbers for aircraft landing gear;
  • landing gear integration elements;
  • test beds;
  • ABS anti-skid systems for aircraft landing gear applications;
  • actuators and locks;
  • wheels and high-energy brakes;
  • landing gears for unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • technology demonstrators;
  • electric brakes for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • assessment of the design process and its compliance with aviation standards;
  • assessment of the state of knowledge in the field of technological solutions of aerial landing gears;
  • other solutions depending on the Customer’s needs.

Design activity is supported by the CAD 3D SOLID EDGE system, which is fully compatible with NX and CATIA systems. We carry out strength and stiffness analyzes using the MSC NASTRAN/PATRAN and FEMAP/NASTRAN systems.

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