There were crowds at the Institute of Aviation at the opening of new Component Test Laboratory.  The  up-to-date equipment and opportunity to see the world’s advanced laboratory have attracted many visitors .

Among the invited were representatives of ministries as well as academics and staff of the new laboratory.

After the ceremony  guests received statuettes in the shape of the bearing, with whom they willingly posed to a souvenir photo .

In the picture: front row – Professor  Jan Szmidt – Rector of Warsaw University of Technology, Professor Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski – Director of the National Centre for Research and Development,  Dariusz Bogdan – Deputy Minister of Economy, Magdalena Nizik – CEO of General Electric Poland, Janusz Piechociński – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Dr Alicja Adamczak – President of the Patent Office, Professor Stanisław Adamczak – Rector of the Technical University of Kielce, Adam Struzik – Marshal of the Mazovia voievodeship ; stand – Dr Eng. Rafał Kajka – Director of Engineering Design Center, Hubert Królikowski – Director of the Offset Program in the Ministry of Economy, Professor  Grzegorz  Banaszek – Dean of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology, Roman Adamczyk – Director of the Department of Supervised and Subordinate Ministry of Economy,  Grzegorz Szymanowski – former Director of the Engineering Design Center,  Professor Grzegorz Osypowicz , Professor Witold Wiśniowski – Director of the Institute of Aviation, Professor  Piotr Wolański, Paweł Poncyljusz – Avio Aero, Marcin Wasilewski – General Electric, Michał Woelke – General Electric, Grzegorz Krygier, Zygmunt Langer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rafal Sawicki – Component Test Laboratory, Bartosz Golczak – Component Test Laboratory,  Grzegorz Cieślukowski – Component Test Laboratory, Paweł Szuchnik – Head of Component Test Laboratory, Dariusz Balcerzak – Component Test Laboratory, Tomasz Kabala – Component Test Laboratory.

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