PhD. Eng. Krzysztof Szafran with PRI-750 model

In the Institute of Aviation was developed a concept of a new hovercraft. It will be the another vehicle of the series initiated by PRP-560, and PRC-600. The new facility will have a new, more powerful engine, a bigger fan and capacity. It is planned to build a versions for twelve passengers. Symbol PRI-750 is the acronym for „PODUSZKOWIEC RATOWNICZO INTERWENCYJNY” (Rescue and Intervention Hovercraft) and a number represents the length of the body measured in centimeters. Hovercraft would be dedicated for fast transport of persons on lakes, rivers and backwaters. It could be also an invaluable mean of transport during the evacuation of people from areas of flooding. Cabine design allows easy adaptation to the transport of cargo or even livestock. The transport of the hovercraft would be very easy, because the vehicle fits in a standard 40 ft. container. Innovative solutions in the drive train will reduce the noise produced by the fan.

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