The new book from the Institute of Aviation appeared already. It contains a description of the design principles of contemporary aviation jet engines supported by evaluation of the loads, strength and dynamic characteristics of their main components and parts. There are many drawings to illustrate design features of the aircraft jet engines presently in use. Lot of attention has been paid to the systems like: fuel, lubrication, controls and engine start – up. Also diagnostic methods and exploitation systems were discussed as a very important factors for overall cost reduction, keeping in mind required safety level. Authors have focused on new materials and technologies as well as on alternative fuels possible future utilization. Volume two similarly as one is addressed to engineers and technicians working in the industry and overhaul facilities as well as for civil and military organizations operating aircraft and helicopters. It may also constitute a basic textbook for students, graduates and in certain parts even for doctorate candidates of technical universities specialising in aviation subjects.

You can purchase the book for 55 PLN here

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