Between 28th-29th October, Institute of Aviation will hold the NATO RTO Lecture Series AVT-181.In 2004, NATO RTO (Research and Technology Organization) established an Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Task Group to review the status of technologies that contribute to a “More Intelligent Gas Turbine Engine” and recommend technology development needs with an emphasis on the type of sensors and actuators needed to enable these technologies. The Task Group completed its work in 2008 and a NATO RTO report documenting the findings of the Task Group was published in April 2009.

This lecture series is organized around the final report and will provide an overview of the most significant findings of the Task Group with the objective being to help the “Customers” of advanced technologies (NATO defense acquisition and aerospace research agencies) understand the state-of-the-art of intelligent GTE technologies, and help the “Researchers” and “Technology Developers” for GTE sensors and actuators identify what technologies need to be developed to enable the “Intelligent GTE” concepts and focus their research efforts on closing the technology gap. To keep the effort manageable, the focus of the lecture series is on “On-Board Intelligence” to enable safe and efficient operation of the engine over the life time, with an emphasis on gas path performance. More info here.

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