The Institute of Aviation once again attracted crowds of visitors during its flagship event – the 9th Night at the Institute of Aviation. This year, more than 43,000 aviation and space enthusiasts came to the party – it is 6.000 people more than last year!

The event was widely and positively discussed in the media, both trade and commercial, and during the event all key television and radio stations were present. The interest in technology, aviation, and above all the Institute of Aviation does not diminish – and even increases from year to year, which is a common success of the organizers and exhibitors of the event.

Over 130 attractions waited for visitors – including unique planes and helicopters. Thanks to PZL Warszawa-Okęcie neighboring the Institute of Aviation, for the first time the aircraft exhibition zone was enlarged. It is here that the F-16 fighter from the 2nd Tactical Air Wing and the CASA C-295M transport aircraft from the 3rd Airlift Wing were presented. The attention of guests was also attracted by helicopters, for which a special zone was designated. In total, over 20 military and civilian machines, including many historic ones, were presented throughout the area.

The 9th Night at the Institute of Aviation was organized in the year of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence and the 100th anniversary of the Polish Aviation. The visitors could familiarize themselves with the history of many vintage machines and see exhibits related to the most famous No. 303 Polish Squadron.

Lectures on various aerospace topics were also of great interest. The guest of the evening was the only Polish astronaut – Mr. Mirosław Hermaszewski, whose presentation gathered a record number of guests from all meetings organized ever during the Night.

A discussion panel with the participation of women who have associated their professional careers with aviation or successfully implement their sky-based passions also enjoyed great interest. It was an opportunity to hear not only interesting stories, but also to inspire yourself.

Thank you for organizational, technical, logistic and substantive support to all who have contributed in any way to the success of this event, in particular: the Institute’s management and engineers, exhibitors, lecturers, speakers, panel participants, volunteers, technical service and security.

A jubilee, 10th Night at the Institute of Aviation will take place next year. Save the date now!

Short film from the Night

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